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Biomethane Buzz


Center for American Progress: American Fuel: Developing Natural Gas for Heavy Vehicles

Business Wire: "T. Boone Pickens Testifies before House Committee on Ways & Means; Urges Congress to Pass The NAT GAS Act"

NGVAmerica: "Natural Gas Fuel Tax Credit Extension Passes Senate"

Huffington Post: "It's Time to Turn Up the Heat on NAT GAS"

Bulk Transporter: "Study Shows Consequences of Continuing to Restrict Domestic Energy Exploration"

Western Governors' Association: "Natural Western Governors Urge Congress to Incentivize Natural Gas Vehicles, Infrastructure"

Yahoo Finance: "Natural Gas Vehicles Make Sense for Larger Fleets and Municipalities Says Expert from ThinkEquity"

Denver Post: "Pickens: Bill Pushing Natural-Gas Vehicles Will Pass by Late May"

U.S. Department of Energy: "Secretary Chu Announces Nearly $300 Million in Clean Cities Grants to Support Clean Fuels, Vehicles, and Infrastructure Development"

Office of the Governor of California: "Gov. Schwarzenegger Celebrates Opening of World’s Largest Landfill Gas to Liquefied Natural Gas Facility in California"

Clean Skies: "American Clean Skies Foundation Supports NAT GAS"

Huffington Post: "Natural Gas Autos Can Help"

Green Nation Today: "Biogas from Sewage and Landfills: Glamorous? No, but a Renewable? Yes."

NWautos: "'Natural' Gas: WWU Students Hope Their Cow Manure Fuel Technology Will Go Far"

E.U. Politics Today: "'Poo Power' Gets the Green Light" "Veolia, Gasrec and Iveco Announce Conclusion of Commercial Trial"

Times Herald-Record: "Trash to Gas Facility a Possibility for New York State"

The Green Car Website: "Biomethane Powered Truck Cuts CO2 by 62% in U.K. Trial"

U.S. DOE: "Garbage Fumes Fuel LNG Transit Buses"

Green Car Congress: "California and Sweden sign MOU on Biomethane Development"

Reuters: "PG&E and BioEnergy Solutions Turn the Valve on California's First 'Cow Power' Project"

Dairy Today: "First U.S. Cow-Powered Milk Truck Debuts at World Ag Expo"

The Free Library: "Landfill Gas-To-Energy Generators Transform Methane Gas Into Green Power"

Lightworks: "Fuel from Trash Will Power California Garbage Trucks"

Biofuels Journal: "Clean Energy Fuels Subsidiary Dallas Clean Energy to Sell Biomethane Gas"

The Guardian: "Oslo to Run Buses Powered by Biomethane" "Swedish City Switches to Biofuels to Become Environmentally Friendly"

Cornell University: "Cornell Technology Makes Biogas Greener"

New York Times: "Producers Optimistic About Biogas Bill Aimed at Farmers"

AutoBlogGreen: "British supermarket chain Sainsbury's to use biomethane in its trucks" "Advanced Anaerobic Digestion: More Gas from Sewage Sludge"


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California Energy Commission Investment Plan for the Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology Program

Biogas as a Road Transport Fuel

Funding On-Farm Biogas Recovery Systems: A Guide to Federal and State Resources

Anaerobic Digestion Glossary of Terms

Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency

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