Low Carbon Fuels Conference Series


The events in the Low Carbon Fuels Conference Series (LCF) showcase the fuels and technologies, policies and actions, and other ongoing efforts that will allow California to meet policy goals, reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions, diversify transportation fuel supplies, and establish a sustainable market for cleaner-burning fuels.

Low Carbon Fuels Conference Series events attract executive-level speakers from throughout the alternative fuels stakeholder community. See below for a sampling of some of the prestigious speakers who have participated in past events.

  • James Boyd, Vice Chair and Commissioner, California Energy Commission
  • Wesley Clark, Retired U.S. Army General, Former Supreme Allied Commander Europe, Co-Chairman, Growth Energy, and Member, Clinton Global Initiative's Energy and Climate Change Advisory Board
  • Dorene D'Adamo, Board Member, California Air Resources Board
    Mike DeSaulnier, California Assemblyman, 11th Assembly District
  • Mike Feuer, California Assemblyman, 42nd Assembly District
  • Dean Florez, California Senator, 16th Senate District
  • J. Michael Gallagher, President & Chief Operating Officer, Westport Innovations
    Jim Hebe, Senior Vice President, Sales and Operations, Navistar Inc.
  • John Hofmeister, President, Shell Oil Company
  • Mike Jackson, General Manager, Product, Marketing and Strategy, Daimler Trucks North America
    Christine Kehoe, California Senator, 39th Senste District
  • Ted Lieu, California Assemblyman, 53rd Assembly District
  • Richard Lilleystone, Chief Executive Officer, Gasrec LTD
  • Cristin Lindsay, Senior Director, Progressive Automotive X PRIZE
    Ronald O. Loveridge, Mayor, City of Riverside and Governing Board Member, South Coast AQMD
  • Mary Nichols, Chairman, California Air Resources Board
  • Don Paul, Vice President, Chevron Corporation
  • T. Boone Pickens, Chairman, BP Capital and Author of "The Pickens Plan"
  • Miguel Pulido, Mayor, City of Santa Ana; Governing Boardmember, South Coast Air Quality Management District; and Chair, California Natural Gas Vehicle Partnership
  • Catherine Reheis-Boyd, Chief Operating Officer, Western States Petroleum Association
  • Greg Swienton, Chair and Chief Executive Officer, Ryder System, Inc.
  • Barry Wallerstein, Executive Officer, South Coast Air Quality Management District
  • Lynn Westfall, Senior Vice President and Chief Economist, Tesoro Corporation
  • Andrew Whittles, Business Development & Project Manager, Cenex
    Roy Willis, President, Propane Education and Research Council
T. Boone Pickens Speaks at NGV Summit S. David Freeman Speaks at Southern California Clean Vehicle Expo 2007 Panel Answers Questions at Southern California Clean Vehicle Expo 2006 Michael Gallagher, Wesport Innovations, speaks at Biomethane Summit Speaker at Southern California Clean Vehicle Expo 2008
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